Comparison of Barstow Lyrics to Similar Examples of Recently Collected Hitchhiker Graffiti

Barstow Song

Partch-collected (1940) Hitchhiker Inscriptions

Silverstein-collected Hitchhiker Graffiti (1992-2000)

Number One

It's January twenty-six. I'm freezing. Ed Fitzgerald, Age 19. 5 feet 10 inches, black hair, brown eyes. Going home to Boston Massachusetts, It's 4 p.m., and I'm hungry and broke. I wish I was dead. But today I am a man.

Viet Nam Vet. 2 YEARS 69-70, 71-72. Michael Ferrel Marvel. Born 5NOV 1951. Dying of prostate cancer. Lord what does it take to get a ride. Been here all day. May 11, 1989

(from: Modesto, CA/I-5N @ SR 132)

I been living out on the road for a long time. It’s another lonely night. No one to love. I know that God loves me. Probably sleep right here tonight knowing that he will watch

(from: San Mateo, CA/US-101N @ Holley Ave)

Number Two

Gentlemen: Go to 530 East Lemon Avenue, Monrovia, California, for an easy handout.

Travelling Frank. Nov 1 1980. Saint Mary The Star of the Sea in San Pedro will feed ya. Too many bums in Long Beach Mission but a bed feels good. Food there too. Wilmington Mission is OK too. But partying there is rowdy. For me anyway. Here comes the SUN!

(from: Santa Clara, CA/US101N @ De La Cruz Blvd)

Number Three

Marie Blackwell. Age 19. Brown eyes, brown hair, considered pretty. 118 East Ventura Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. Object: matrimony.

Rick Pommels(?) 10/9/79. Going to Joseph City Arizona to try and get a job and marry Linda Pettingrew my reason for living

(from: Barstow, CA/I-40E @ I-15 split)

Curt Byrne just got out of jail on my way home to see my gal

(from: Bakersfield , CA/SR-58E @ Downtown on-ramp)

Number Four

Dear Marie, a very good idea you have there. I too am on the lookout for a suitable mate. My description – No description follows, so he evidently got his ride.

Valerie to St. Louis to bring my baby girl home. Got here 11:00 2/15/82.

Charlie to Nashville to sell his songs - my guardian angel Valerie

(both from: Needles, CA/I-40E @ US-95)

Number Five

Possible rides:
January 16th, 58.
January 17th, 76.
January 18th, 19.
January 19th, 6.
January 20th, 11.

To hell with it -- I'm going to walk!

Listen Bros. Do yourself a favor. Walk over to the liquor store across the street. Buy a supply of brews and/or some whiskey then sit here and roll a couple of joints. Wait till it set(s) in then START WALKING OUTA HERE. That's what I'm going to do. Now party hard and live long. May the wind always be at your backs. Forever on the wing. Chris Smith Mike Smith To walk the whole US

(from: Barstow, CA/I-40E @ 1st entrance off Main St)

Pat Callan From NY took Rt. 80 then to San Diego. Stayed there 2 days and left for NY. Here May 8 Mother Day (77). 3 hours and no ride. Good luck to all you other hitch hikers. We all stick together.

(from: Mesquite, NV/I-15N @ Exit #122)

Number Six

Jesus was God in the flesh.

Jesus loves you. Peace be with you. Have a beautiful journey.

(from: San Mateo, CA/US-101N @ Holley Ave)

Jesus Christ died for our sins. Repent now before it's too late.

(from: Merced, CA/Cal-99S @ Downtown/R St)

Jesus is the Lord

(from: Barstow/I-40E @ first Entrance off Main Street)

Have no fear. I've got a ride on the way for you. Jesus Christ.

(from: Sunnyvale, CA/US-101S @ Mathilda St, northbound)

Number Seven

Looking for millionaire wife. Good looking, Very handsome, Intelligent, Good bull thrower, Etcetera. You lucky women! All you have to do is find me, you lucky women. Name's George.

Beautiful girls pass me by. I'm not so ugly, wonder why? Well here comes one and (cross-out) Hey, BYE

Curtis was here 11-21-77. Don't know about this place say right now- Hey to the beautiful girls that read this. Hang on in there lover. Life is just like you "Lovely"!

(both from: Bakersfield, CA/Cal-99S @ Panama Rd)

Number Eight

Here's wishing all who read this, if they can get a lift, and the best of luck to you. Why in hell did you come, anyway? Damn it anyhow -- Here I am stuck in the cold -- I've come 2700 miles from Chi, Illinois. Slept along the highway, slept in open boxcar without top. Went hungry for two days (raining too). But they say there's a hell -- What the hell do they think this is? Do they think about this? I'm on my way, one half of desert to the east. Then back to El-lay, to try once more -- Car just passed by, make that two more, three more. Do not think they'll let me finish my story.

Here she comes, a truck, not a fuck, but a truck. Just a truck. Hoping to get the hell out, here's my name. Johnnie Reinwald, 915 South Westlake Avenue, Los Angeles. Here's wishing all who read this, if they can get a lift, and the best of luck to you. Why in hell did you come, anyway?

Dennis Willis to Colorado Springs, Colorado. 10 pm Feb 1, 1967. No traffic, cold, help!

(from: Barstow, CA I-40E @ Montara Rd)

I missed Turkey Day. I won't miss Christmas, though. Ray Dellinger 11/Thanksgiving Day/78 from Penna. to LA and Las Vegas! Going back home from there. Got too cold last night. No money, no food, no dope. Gonna find me a mission and save my life! Good luck everyone else. God bless yall! Oh yea

9:30 Toes dropped off (frostbite)
10:00 Fingers dropped off
10:30 Legs fell off
11:00 Peter dropped off
11:30 Arms dropped off
12:00 Head dropped off

(from: Barstow, CA/I-15N-S split, between Lynwood & Rt 247)

Greg and Dave were here. This place is fucked. Spent night under pass. Good luck. Everyone pray to the good Lord

llll llll llll llll llll
llll llll llll llll llll  This Place
llll llll llll llll llll  Fucking Sucks!!!
llll llll llll llll llll
llll llll

(from: Barstow, CA/I-15N-S split)

Holden Missouri. 5-13-82. David B. spent the night in this hole.

(from: Barstow, CA/I-40E @ first entrance off Main St)

2-24-95. It's about 3AM and no traffic. No dead presidents.

No dope with so little hope.

(from: Weed Patch, CA/SR-58E @ Weedpatch Highway)